The Most Famous Opera House in the World

The Most Famous Opera House in the World


Explore the jaw-dropping interior of one of the world's most opulent theaters, the Palais Garnier.


What you’ll do

As a warm up to your opera visit, you'll strike out into the chic neighborhood around the Palaise Garnier and explore the famous passages couverts - luminous shopping galleries full of stores and boutiques - while learning the history of Paris during its famous Belle Époque. Then it's time for the main event: step inside the Palais Garnier, an immense theater built by Napoleon III to show off the wealth and grandeur of his European empire. Ascend the Grand Staircase that sits beneath a 100ft vault featuring gorgeous paintings, peek into the main auditorium featuring paintings by Marc Chagall, and pretend you are part of Parisian high society as you promenade through the immense splendor of the Grand Foyer.  

  • Includes: Pre-reserved tickets to the Palais Garnier
  • Sites Visited: Palais Garnier, Paris arcades

Where to find us

We will meet you at the newspaper kiosk situated in front of the 29 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris, next to the Bourse Palais Brongniart monument. 



How you’ll do it

  • Meeting Time: 9:45am
  • Start Time: 10:00am
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Group Size: 15 or fewer


Wheelchair access is complicated inside the Palais Garnier. Please contact us in advance if you have limited mobility.

Only bookings made online will be accepted - reservations will not be possible on the day and guests arriving without a booking will be turned away.

Get in touch

For questions about this special edition product, please contact us via the Walks of Italy Facebook page.